End the Tip Tax!

On July 18th 1984, President Reagan said this right before signing the Deficit Reduction Act.

“I am today signing H.R. 4170. In signing this important legislation, I must vigorously object to certain provisions that would unconstitutionally attempt to delegate to the Comptroller General of the United States, an officer of Congress, the power to perform duties and responsibilities that in our constitutional system may be performed only by officials of the executive branch. This administration's position on the unconstitutionality of these provisions was clearly articulated to Congress by the Department of Justice on April 20, 1984. I am instructing the Attorney General to inform all executive branch agencies as soon as possible with respect to how they may comply with the provisions of this bill in a manner consistent with the Constitution.”

So why even sign it? Why not use the power of veto? He obviously had a problem with aspects of it. This was also the only piece of legislation that Reagan signed in private. No pictures, no reporters present, and only a few of his closest advisors behind closed doors. Was he ashamed? Again, why even sign it?

What he may or may not have known, was the people who wrote H.R. 4170 included 3 paragraphs that would drastically change how the IRS see’s any job where an employee receives tips. On page 559 of 717, section 1073, under the guise of unemployment protection, it says the worst thing possible. “Tips treated as wages for purposes of federal unemployment tax.”

Before 1984, tips were considered gifts, not income. A person in the service industry used to be able to take their gifts home, untaxed, and still receive a livable paycheck. The income part of it is the hourly wage they are being paid to do the functions of the job. That’s it! Tips are NOT bonuses paid by the employer. Tips are NOT commission paid by an employer for the sale of goods. Tips ARE a gift given from one person to another. Tips are NOT income. The taxing of tips is theft.

Nevada’s service industry is the largest in the country, coming in at 1/3 of the State’s total gross product. Why should Nevadans (or anyone in the U.S.) be criminally taxed by the IRS? They shouldn’t!

We must fight together to end this unfair tax.

The Bill of Rights

As a Constitutionalist, I support in their entirety, the first 10 amendments. There is no discussion. There is no debate. One is not more important than the other. These are the building blocks, the compass, the God given rights we are born with.

The second, which is the most talked about, will not be going anywhere any time soon. I’m ashamed of our government thus far with the unconstitutional gun laws that have already been passed. The second amendment is a right you were born with to protect yourself and others from government tyranny. How can the populous do that if we are outgunned? Put plainly…If you can buy it, make it, or otherwise obtain the same firepower that a rouge government entity has at its disposal, it shouldn’t be illegal.

The tenth, which is one of the least talked about, is vital for living as free Americans. The federal government must be checked with what, and how many, laws they make (the corrupt Supreme Court is useless). When you take the power away from the States, and blanket the entire country with a law, you are now taking individual freedoms away from the rest who oppose.

I hope to spend most of my time in Congress repealing laws, giving States and individuals their rights and freedoms back.

Foreign Policy

As the greatest nation in the world, we are looked up to for guidance, and help, from most others. We should all be proud of that. Unfortunately, we do make our fair share of mistakes and a lot of overreach.

Congress, with its power of the purse, should immediately cut funding to any foreign nation who denounces the United States. Congress should also cut funding from any foreign nation involved in a conflict or war that we have no business being a part of (which is most). Although not directly funding another countries war effort, giving aid during a conflict can be construed as helping. It’s about time we stay out of other people’s business, and focus on our own.


Healthcare is not a power granted to the government by any founding document. Anyone who has told you it’s a right, has lied to you. Even our corrupt political Supreme Court judges ruled it to be unconstitutional unless it was a tax.

Haven’t we learned anything? Everything our modern bloated government touches, turns to complete and utter manure. Repeal it all. Don’t replace.

The Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve is not Federal, nor a reserve. It is a private company that plays games with our economy, while making a few elite people rich.

End the FED!


Genetically modified food is poison. 38 countries have banned the cultivation of this poison. Although they are currently legal in the U.S., the consumer never knows when they are eating them. Monsanto has bought and paid for enough corrupt politicians to make laws which benefit them.

I will work tirelessly to end Monsanto’s corrupt monopoly on federal law, and fight for labeling of poisoned products.

Term Limits

I’m 100% for term limits for all elected officials.

Alphabet Soup

When it comes to monetary waste, the U.S. government takes the cake. We spend more money on nonsensical agencies, than George Soros has to pay protesters.

Most of the following agencies can be shut down and no one would bat an eye. There would be zero consequences and zero footprint left behind. The others could either be State ran or privatized for better results. Individual Americans can always do things better than their government.


Tax Reform

All credit to Ron Paul for his tax plan.

The 16th amendment needs to be abolished. Some say it was never ratified properly anyway.

After the income tax is abolished, we should use tariffs to bring jobs back to the U.S., and have a consumption tax. The people who spend the most, pay the most, and would ultimately fund the government.

This tax plan, plus massive cuts mentioned above by ending useless agencies, would bring prosperity back to the people, and shrink the government to pre-1913 size.

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